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Reverse 2048

The Reverse 2048 is a fun, addictive and a puzzle board game. It is a cool variant of traditional 2048 puzzle game.

The challenge is now to reach from the #2048 tile to #1 tile. When tile with number 1 is created, the player wins the game.


Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.
For example, the two 2048 tiles merge to give a 1024 tile, the two 1024 tiles merge to give a 512 tile and so on.
Play the game till #1 tile is created on the board. When a #1 tile is created, the player wins.

Start playing the “Reverse 2048”, compete with your friends to see who can make the best score.

You can share your score with your friends.

You can do in-app purchase to avoid adds in the game.

Start playing Reverse 2048 and have fun !

Features :

  • Play the game on different board sizes ( On Phones: 3X3, 4X4, 5X5, 6X6; on tabs:+ 7X7, 8X8)
  • Game is saved automatically
  • Make High scores
  • Leader boards to compete with other players
  • Share the game screen with friends
  • Share the game with friends
  • Completely native game
  • See high scores in all the boards
  • See best scores of all the users of the game
  • Option to start new game
  • Game works for android 3.2 and above devices

Match Colors

Bored with regular board puzzles? Want to try something different? Then this game Match Colors is for you.

The “Match Colors” is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle board game.
It has no numbers or characters but it has only colors on the board.

Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same color touch, they merge into one with different color.
A color panel appears on top of the board which highlights the highest tile in your board, so that you can watch and play where you are and what is the next color to achieve.

If you reach the final goal color in the color panel then you win.
When there is no scope to move tile, your game will be over.

Match Colors game doesn’t have any time limit, so you can continue playing till either you achieve the goal or the game is over.

You can share your score and game with your friends.

Start playing Match Colors and have fun !!!

2048 Alphabet

The 2048 Alphabet is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle board game.
It is a different flavor of traditional 2048 puzzle game.
Join the alphabets and get to the tile “L” !


Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same alphabet touch, they merge into one with next alphabet. When “L” tile is created, you wins!

Winning the game will not stop you to continue to play. You can still make more score till you get “Z” on a tile.

You can share your score with your friends.

Start playing 2048 Alphabet and have fun !!

ABC for Kids

ABC basics for kids – Simple way to learn basics for kids.

* Learning basics is FREE with ABC for kids.
Kids can learn alphabets, numbers and other basics for FREE.
From this app “ABC for kids”, kids can learn

  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Weekdays
  • Months
  • Colors
  • Shapes

* Playing is the best way to learn and remember.
The app provides simple play options which help kids to play around the basics they have learnt.

Have fun with “ABC for kids”!!!

Search App

A single point to search any app on your device.

You may have many apps on your device. You may also maintain groups on your device for those apps. When you want to open an app, you have to travel till that app and click on it. If you have 5 screens on the home and if your app is on the 5th screen, you have to navigate to the 5th screen and open the app.

Search app will be single point to search and open any app on your device.

Just type few letters of your app name in the search field and your app will be filtered.
Just tap on it, your app will be opened.

Typing Hero

Do you want to test your typing skills on mobile?
Do you want to improve your typing skills?
Do you want to challenge your typing skills with others?
Then this app, Typing Hero is for you.

This app came up with new design and new game model.

Typing Hero is a fun and learn app where you can improve your typing skills and also have fun by earn score for your tying on the app.
Typing Hero has different types of typing difficulties like Easy, Medium, Hard and Harder. Text will be displayed based on this selection. This shows your confidence and your typing level on mobile or tab.

The text displayed on the game screen has animations. To make it interesting, select one the animation speeds from Slow, Fast and Faster.

To make the app more interesting, it has two game types. One is with timer and another is no timer. If you select “Timer”, you will play till the selected time limit is over. If you select “No Timer”, you free to play until you press back button to come to home screen.

With the combination of above selections, your text to type on the screen will be shown.
For each letter you type, you will earn score, and the score will be submitted to google leader boards. Hence, you can compare yourself with others who played this app.

You can click on “Info” button on home screen of the app to get more details.


Please provide your feedback or comments which help us to improve the Typing Hero app.

+ Improve typing skills on mobiles and tabs
+ Select from various typing difficulties
+ Options to choose text animation speed
+ Time limit to challenge yourself
+ Google leader boards integrations
+ Share the result with friends via social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and other sharing channels
+ Compare yourself with others on the app with leader boards
+ Test your typing speed
+ Share the app with friends

Play and Have Fun !!!

Board Puzzles


    “BOARD PUZZLES” is an android puzzle gaming app. It is a very good time pass app. The app provides different gaming board sizes which you can select from app settings. Also you can select characters to be displayed on the board either Numbers or Alphabets.

This app supports both android phones and tablets, and also supports 8038 devices.


Below changes are made in the latest version of the app.

  • App name is changed to “Board Puzzles” from “Number Game”
  • User can select different sizes of game boards
  • User can select either Numbers or Alphabets to be displayed on the board
  • Graphics are updated
  • Menu options are updated


Below are the menu options available in the app.

  • About: Helps you to know about the app and instructions to play
  • Feedback: You can provide feedback or comments on the app, which is very useful for us to improve the app
  • History: To see your playing history
  • Records: You can see the top best records among all the app users. It will display the top 15 users data.
  • Settings: You can change the display name and also you can select different gaming boards
  • Rate it: Takes you to the app in play store. If you like the app, please rate it.


  • On click of “New Game”, it will show a new puzzle on the board or change the board size and character to be displayed on the board from Settings menu option
  • Tap the surrounding tiles of blank tile to arrange the board in an order
  • Tap, do not drag
  • By using the blank tile, arrange the board in an order from least to greatest
  • After arranged the board, it should look like either of the below


Click here to see others apps from Sonu Appz.
You can download the app from Google play store or click the below image.
Rate the app if you like it. Have fun !!